cityKONNEKT - Importance of Community Mobile Apps

Why Choose Us for building a Community App?


No doubt, there are tons of app development companies in the market. You must be wondering what makes us different, right? Here are ten reasons why cityKONNEKT’s turn-key platform model is vastly more advanced than you’re your common everyday software developer options. 


1. We provide your community’s very own mobile app that generates revenue


We create a completely personalized mobile app for your community. Your new community mobile app’s will be built in native iOS and Android platforms. Local residents can download the app for free and will have direct access to everything going on in the community along with any local business’s details. The mobile community app will promote your entity as the owner of this local technology, and local businesses will need to subscribe to YOUR services in order for their business to be specially featured in the app.


2. We provide an access portal to the business owners


We allow the business owners to take full charge of their own in-app appearances. Local subscribed business owners will have full control of their business’s in-app listing via their own login credentials to your platform online. Your new platform will offer various options that allow businesses to offer their own promotions within the mobile app. Businesses can also see the analytics on how local residents are reacting to their promotions. 


3. We offer powerful and automated marketing using Bluetooth beacons


Businesses who subscribe to your entity’s services in the local community mobile application, can receive an integrated Bluetooth beacon branded with your entity’s logo’s. When a business creates a promotion, sale, or discount in the app, their Bluetooth beacon places that promotion on passing mobile devices that have your community mobile app installed! All 100% automated.


4. We offer you your own online Admin Control Panel


We provide you with access to an online administration panel that grants you FULL CONTROL of your entire community platform. Using this portal, you will be able to perform the following activities: 

  • Grant access to any business that joins the app. 
  • Reset the access of the portal for business owners. 
  • Assign Bluetooth beacon(s) to subscribed businesses. 
  • Post community news, events, and many, many more features. 

Our offerings do not end with just the community app!


5. We provide you with a large pack of marketing materials to promote your new platform and your brand.


The shipment of initial “guerilla marketing” contains the below items. 

500 Quantity



1,000 Quantity



10,000 Quantity



* 500 Quantity



* 50 Quantity


6. We also provide your complete social media platform setup with account manager


Your new social media account manager will also setup professional artificial intelligence ad campaigns in your accounts to ensure the best results. As an added benefit, your package will also come with 30 days of advertising so that your social media account manager can obtain an accurate "ad audience" to download your new mobile app locally! In many cases, this 30-day setup test campaign will bring in your first 1,000 to 2,000 mobile APP downloads by default.


7. We provide you with a complete retail website with full-fledged shopping features


Yes. We offer you a complete website branded and built just for you and your local community. This website will let the community know about your new community app, and alert local businesses of the new powerful resources at their disposal. You build your community app with us.


8. We supply your custom video marketing which also includes local aerial drone footage


These videos are very enticing and engaging and will let the locals know about your products and services. Moreover, people will also come to know about your mobile app. We will produce these various custom videos for your website and on your social media platforms which help trigger your initial app downloads. 


9. We build all your social media business pages designed specifically for your business


You cannot promote your business on social media platforms effectively without a suite of professional business pages. We not only create your pages, but also setup your automated postings. Businesses who subscribe to your platform will be auto posted across your social platforms every time! 


10. We help you build a #ShopLocal culture in your community


We help you build a culture that helps connect the local residents with the locally businesses in your area. Our integrated “meet the owner” feature in your new community app is one of many powerful examples of this shop local model! 



As you can see, cityKONNEKT is one of the most effective and turn-key community app platforms on the market today. Our technology helps the locals to connect to the community more efficiently while driving traffic to the locally owned businesses. It is a great platform to be owned by local Chambers of Commerce, City Municipalities, Local Entrepreneurs, or even local Marketing Agencies!


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